Ball Mill Liners

Ball Mill Liners
Model NO.: Ball mill
Certification: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008
Material: High Manganese Steel: Mn13cr2, Mn18cr2, Mn22cr2

Product Details

Ball mill liners

Ball mill liner is to protect the cylinder of a direct hit from grinding medium and material and friction, also can use a different form of lining board to adjust the grinding body motion, to increase grinding medium for material crushing effect, helps to improve the efficiency of the grinding mill, increase production, reduce consumption of metal.Ball mill lining board domestic gradually replaced by alloy steel plate in the high manganese steel, but as of steel plate in the continuous application of ball mill liner, has gradually replaced the manganese steel and other lining board to become the mainstream market development. 

Liners are one of the important wear parts for Ball mill.The material of our liner is high manganese steel: Mn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2. We accept OEM, also can manufacture according to clients' requirements.

Shanghai Wuchuan Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the professional metal crusher parts ball mill liners manufacturers& suppliers in China. We major supply manganese casting parts, such as jaw plates, cheek plate, mantle, concaves, hammer and grates, etc. From single weight 1kg to 20,000 kgs.


Basic Information

Model NO.Ball mill
CertificationISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008

High Manganese Steel: Mn13cr2, Mn18cr2, Mn22cr2

Casting MethodSand Casting
HS Code847490
Coloras Your Order
Delivery Time30 - 60 Days

Features of the Ball Mill Liners

1) High wear resistance and impact resistance:

Double medium quenching of steel plate by the scientific and rational alloying element formula, make the liner has good physical and chemical properties

2) High strength and high toughness:

In liner quenching process, uses the special double medium with good thermal stability of quenching medium as medium, make the product high strength, high hardness and high toughness to cooperate, in order to meet the technological requirements of the wear resistance.

3) High cost performance, strong adaptive performance:

The advanced double medium quenching process, it has the characteristics of quenching high hardness and high toughness values, make the lining board has good wear resistance.

Product Advantage:  

1. Good performance with low abrasion, high resistance

2. Accurate dimensions 

3. Long wear life, lower the cost to save your time and money.