Broken purpose meaning

- Aug 03, 2017-

1, the purpose: in the metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement and other industrial sectors, each year a large number of raw materials and re-use of waste are required to use crusher processing. As in the concentrator, in order to achieve the separation of useful minerals in the ore, it is necessary to crush the ore to the size required by the grinding process. Need to use crushing machinery to break down the raw materials required for the next step. In the coking plant, sintering plant, ceramics factory, glass industry, powder metallurgy and other departments, must use crushing machinery to break the raw materials to the next step requirements of the particle size.

2, meaning: in the chemical industry, the power sector, broken grinding machinery will be broken raw materials, grinding, increasing the surface area of the material, in order to shorten the chemical reaction time to create favorable conditions. With the rapid development of industry and the rapid reduction of resources, the recycling of waste in various departments is very important. The recycling of these wastes needs to be broken by crushing machinery.