Classification and working principle of broken machine

- Aug 03, 2017-

Crusher in accordance with the major categories can be divided into medical crusher and mining crusher. One of the medical crusher is mainly used for broken stones, the general use of resonance, etc. will be broken stones, to avoid the various risks brought by surgery.

According to the principle of broken, heavy mining machinery commonly used crusher jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, ring hammer crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher, Composite crusher, cone crusher, two-stage crusher, rotary crusher, mobile crusher and so on.

Different models of the working principle of the crusher is completely different to ring hammer crusher as an example:

Hammer crusher mainly by the impact energy to complete the broken material operations. Hammer crusher work, the motor drive the rotor for high-speed rotation, the material even into the crusher cavity, high-speed rotation of the hammer impact, shear tear material to the material is broken, while the material itself, the gravity of the material from High-speed rotating hammer rushed to the body of the body baffle, sieve, in the lower part of the rotor, with sieve, crushed material smaller than the size of the sieve size of the sieve through the sieve, larger than the size of the material Continue to be hammered and ground.