Medical crusher introduction

- Aug 03, 2017-

1, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

The advantage of extracorpore shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is that its treatment is essentially noninvasive and the patient is receptive, and its success rate is high, less damage to human tissue, and has been clinically Get a wide range of applications.

2, electric shock wave source

Crushing machine wave source to the majority of liquid, because of its early development, technology is mature, gravel effect is widely used.

Liquid-type shock wave source is a semi-elliptical metal reflector placement electrode, the reflector filled with water, when the high voltage in the water discharge, the electrode tip to produce high temperature and high pressure, due to liquid power and the formation of shock waves, shock waves to the surrounding And the electrode tip is at the first focal point of the ellipsoid, the shock wave emitted at the first focal point (f1) is reflected at the second focal point (f2) , The formation of a strong impact of the shock wave area, when the human body stone in the second focus, it will be crushed.

3, piezoelectric shock wave source

Piezoelectric shock wave source is a hemisphere inside the wall to install a lot of piezoelectric crystals, when a high frequency high voltage through the piezoelectric crystal, the piezoelectric crystal will be stretching to produce vibration, so that the water medium to produce ultrasonic shock wave, shock wave in the ball Of the heart (f) at the focus, when the stones in the focus, it will be a strong shock wave smash.

4, electromagnetic shock wave source

Electromagnetic shock wave source can be divided into two kinds of flat and cylindrical.

The plate-type electromagnetic wave source is a hollow cylinder, the cylinder has a group of high-frequency coil at one end. When the high-frequency high-voltage pulse current passes, the coil generates the pulse magnetic field. According to the law of electromagnetic induction, the plate metal film near the coil front Vibration, so that the water medium to produce shock waves, parallel to the linear transmission of shock waves through the double concave concave acoustic lens in the focus of the lens (f) at the focus, a strong shock wave can be in the focus of the stone crushed.