Causes Of Rotor Vibration Of Impact Crusher And Its Solution

- Aug 03, 2017-

1, the motor shaft and the rotor shaft are not concentric. The solution is to re-find, check the installation, be sure to make the motor shaft and rotor shaft concentric.

2, the rotor bearing is damaged. Bearing clearance beyond the limit or bearing damage will cause severe vibration of the rotor, the solution is to replace the new bearings. In the course of the use of regular inspection to see if the need to replace the bearings, so as not to delay production.

3, the rotor is not balanced. Other components on the rotor imbalance will cause the rotor imbalance caused by vibration, it is necessary to carefully check and adjust the balance of the rotor. Such as hammer face-changing U-turn use, in order to prevent the weight of the rotor out of balance, all the hammer in the crusher must be a face-up U-turn, otherwise it will be in the operation of a strong vibration. And should pay attention to the installation of the two groups of the weight of only the difference can not exceed 5g.

4, material blockage. If the material is blocked, should be timely to clear the material. In order to prevent the material caused by blockage of vibration, should strictly control the feed specifications, can not make large particles, can not be broken into the crusher of foreign body. But also pay attention to the water content of the material at any time, if the material more water, it will be in the crusher adhesion, and gradually condense into a large block attached to the machine wall, not timely cleaning will lead to material blockage, so we should pay attention to water The

5, the foundation bolts are not strong. If the foundation of the impact crusher is not strong or long-term use of the process will cause the base loose will affect the mechanical stability, or the installation of the rotor loosening of the rotor, etc., are likely to cause severe vibration of the rotor. At this point we must check, fastening bolts, foundation. And in the future use of the process as far as possible to check the time on the foundation or bolt loose, if loose and timely reinforcement.