Classification And Working Principle Of Washing Equipment

- Aug 03, 2017-


1. Hydraulic washing screen. The use of water guns in the fixed sieve on the washing method, for easy to wash ore.

2. Cylinder washing machine. Including a cylindrical screen and a cylinder scrubber. Cylinder sieve speed is higher, the inner wall of the sieve cylinder with longitudinal Yang plate, ring baffle and high pressure water spray device to improve the fragmentation capacity for easy to wash ore

3. Cylinder scrubber. The cylinder is divided into two sections, the front without holes, used to soak and disintegrate the ore, the latter part of the hole for the debris separation.

4. Channel-shaped stone washing machine. Commonly used in difficult to wash ore, with a strong scrubbing effect. The pre-soaking of the ore, in the process of washing the set of high-pressure water, the application of vibration, add a small amount of pharmaceutical (such as 1% concentration of NaOH), can improve the efficiency of sand and gravel washing. The efficiency of sand and gravel has a great influence on mineral processing.

The working principle of the washing equipment

Sand and gravel washing operation is to use the mechanical power of the washing equipment to scrub the clay is cemented or mud more ore, so that the ore scattered, wash the surface of the ore fine mud and separation process. Sand and the degree of oxidation and weathering have a deeper ore, in the crushing or mineral processing, washing is necessary to prepare operations.

Sand and gravel washing to avoid mud minerals containing raw materials in the mud clogging equipment and screening equipment, raw materials such as soluble or harmful ingredients should also be washed ore. According to the degree of ore removal in the ore, it is difficult to wash, medium washable and washable, mainly related to the nature, content and existence of clay in the ore. The washing may also be carried out in a scrubber or in a sieving and grading apparatus.