Fill The Crusher With New Technology (backing Glue) ​

- Aug 03, 2017-

1, simple operation using epoxy resin casting technology only need to pour the adhesive contact surface corrosion, oil, dust, clean, epoxy resin (solvent-free) E-51, low molecular 650 polyamide resin and other chemicals According to a certain percentage and add the order to add stirring, stir well after pouring directly into the pouring hole, can be put into use after 24 hours of solidification. The operation has no specific temperature limit and can be carried out at any time.

2, zero risk factor, zero pollution Epoxy resin casting technology used in the mixing process of non-irritating gas spill, put an end to the high temperature heating zinc alloy after the discharge of toxic gases into the atmosphere or stirring high-grade cement when the dust , Safety and environmental protection.

3, the cost of reducing the epoxy resin (solvent-free) E-51, low-molecular 650 polyamide resin are common chemicals on the market, low prices. At the same time in the filling process is no longer need heating and other operations, can save coke and power resources, greatly reducing the cost.

4, easy to disassemble In the replacement of the old liner operation, only need to replace the liner with gas welding cut off, the waste resin will naturally fall off due to heat, no longer appear due to bonding, surface roughness caused by difficult demolition problem.

5, reduced labor intensity, filling efficiency to improve the use of epoxy resin casting technology operations, only 1 to 2 employees, saving time and effort, simple and quick. From the mixing to the completion of pouring only 1h, to meet the technical performance of the filler at the same time, labor intensity has also been effectively reduced.

6, pouring quality The use of high-tech to bring the most obvious effect is the quality of spare parts assembly, contour clear, high surface accuracy. Because it is at room temperature for casting, solidification, porosity defects, pouring quality greatly improved.