Green Mine Equipment Manufacturing Process To Be Three Steps

- Aug 03, 2017-

Green mine equipment is in the manufacture to the entire life cycle to meet the specific environmental requirements, the lowest energy consumption, resource utilization is the highest. These requirements seem simple, but in reality the technical requirements are higher, mining machine manufacturers in the design, manufacture, sale, use, maintenance of these stages are to achieve green design.

  Material selection is the first step in green mine equipment design. Green mine equipment first requires the material with green characteristics, followed by functional characteristics, generally follow the principle of:

1) materials easy processing, low toxicity, pollution is small;

2) material easy to recover disposal, renewable;

3) the type and quantity of materials to minimize.

For example, quenching and tempering steel need to be quenched, both the consumption of energy may also be deformed, so the production can be used in non-quenched and tempered steel instead of quenched and tempered steel, can achieve the purpose of saving materials and improve performance. Green design is a key part of mine equipment to become a green product, and the green level in manufacturing is also not to be overlooked.