How To Improve The Efficiency Of Circular Vibrating Screen Screening?

- Aug 03, 2017-

1, the use of large-size sieve. Large-scale circular vibrating screen increases the vibration force and amplitude, so that the impact of the sieve plate on the material stress and shear stress to overcome the adhesion between the ore particles, but also reduces the screen surface blockage, so that the material quickly completed loose material , Layered and screens. The

 2, increase the circular vibrating screen screening area. Screening practice has proved that reducing the amount of material on the unit sieve can improve the screening efficiency. When the actual amount of material on the screen surface is about 80% of the sieve capacity, the sieve screening efficiency is the highest.

3, the use of a reasonable angle to control the flow of material on the screen surface speed. Generally speaking, the angle of the large surface of the material movement speed, production capacity, but the efficiency is low. To obtain a higher screening efficiency, the material in the screen surface movement speed is generally controlled at 0.6m / S below, so the screen surface to keep 15.

4, using equal thickness screening method. With the sieving process, the thickness of the material on the sieve surface gradually thinned from the feed end to the discharge end, resulting in unreasonable feeding of the sieve surface utilization, which can be used for different angle , To control the material in the sieve surface of different sections of the speed of movement, so that the mine slope forward flow, so as to improve the screening of the filter at the discharge end of the opportunity.

 5, the use of multi-layer screen to expand the sieve. The use of from the lower to the upper sieve gradually increased, the screen surface gradually reduce the multi-layer sieve. The material is loose, layered, pre-sieved and fine-grained, respectively, on the upper, middle and lower sieve surfaces with different inclination and sieve. Screening efficiency.