Reduce Energy Consumption

- Aug 03, 2017-

The crushed material in the crusher must meet the crushing requirements and the material strength is within the maximum strength that the crusher can handle. In addition, in the crushing process, the crushing chamber should prevent non-crushed material such as iron from entering. When the feed material is broken together, there are a variety of material strength uneven phenomenon, the strength of the material will protect the strength of small materials, thereby reducing the strength of the smaller material breaking probability and product size. And because of the strength of the crushing chamber caused by the force is not uniform lining, and ultimately lead to uneven wear of the liner, affecting the normal operation of the crusher. Therefore, in order to improve the working efficiency of crusher, improve the mechanical parts of the equipment force, give full play to the crushing process in the crushing process, in the production process should try to ensure the uniformity of the strength requirements of the feeding material.

Experts according to the concept of laminated crushing analysis, when the bulk material accounted for more than 40% of the broken volume, you can achieve in the crushing process completely laminated crushing. In addition, according to the squeeze crusher full feeding situation and feeding jaw uniform degree, when the material filling degree of 55% can fully meet the requirements of laminated crushing.

The crushing method can achieve the energy saving purpose of the crushing equipment. In order to maximize the energy utilization of the crusher, the crushing of the dredger needs to meet certain conditions, as we have described above. Studies have shown that when the bulk material in the 6-10 layer, the equipment of energy saving is more obvious. In general, the feedstock equivalent particle size is generally about half the maximum allowable particle size, so the number of layers of the feed layer is about 2. When the height of the clogging layer in the crusher is 93 mm, the average particle size of the material can reach 9.45 mm, so the number of layers of the material can be determined to be 9.8, and the plugging layer can achieve the optimum amount of material.