Shock And Squeeze Contrast

- Aug 03, 2017-

1, broken than large. Impact crusher crushing ratio can reach more than 50, and squeeze crusher is difficult to more than 20. More suitable for single-stage broken occasions.

2, the product particles good. The impact percentage of the impact crusher product may be less than 10%, and the percentage of needle-like percentages of the extruder will be higher than 15%. Thus, where cube particles are required, an impact crusher is commonly used as a final breaker for the production of concrete aggregates.

3, because the impact crusher is the use of the impact of broken material, wear in the use of very fast. This defect, for a long period of time, limits the scope of the impact crusher. Can only be used in the broken hard material.

Impact Crusher Technical Features:

1, broken high efficiency, with crushing, coarse grinding function.

4, simple structure, easy installation, easy maintenance, low operating costs.

3, the product bulk density, iron pollution is minimal.

4, through the non-crushing material capacity, by the material moisture content of small, water content of up to 8%.

5, the product grain shape is excellent, cube, needle-like content is very low, suitable for aggregate shaping, artificial sand and high-grade highway aggregate production.