The Working Principle Of The Ball Mill

- Aug 03, 2017-

The ball mill is mainly composed of cylindrical cylinder, end cap, bearing and transmission large ring gear and other components, the cylinder into the diameter of 25-150mm steel ball or steel bar, known as the grinding medium, the loading capacity for the entire cylinder There is a relatively large volume of 25% -50%. The ends of the cylinder are end caps, and the end caps are connected with the end flanges of the cylinder by means of screws. The middle part of the end caps has holes, which are called hollow journals and hollow journals are supported on the bearings. A large gear 4 is also fixed on the cylinder. In the drive system, the motor through the coupling, reducer and pinion drive large gear wheels and cylinder, slowly turn. When the cylinder rotation, grinding with the cylinder rose to a certain height, and then was a parabola falling or diarrhea down.

As the end cap has a hollow journal, the material from the left side of the hollow journal into the cylinder, and gradually spread to the right to move, when the material from left to right during the move, the rotating cylinder to the ball to a certain Height and fall will be crushed material, and part of the ball in the cylinder into the diarrhea state of the material grinding effect, the entire process is the process of grinding the material.